The Dream Drive is a unique and exciting driving adventure that puts you behind the wheel of some of the most exotic sports cars around for an adrenaline-filled drive through some of the most scenic roads in Colorado.


You will experience the thrill and excitement of the world’s greatest cars. Drawing from our fleet of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Nissan GTR, Audi R8, and more, you will pilot each magnificent vehicle along highways, byways and mountain roads they were designed for.

You’ll start your day with a thorough overview of each vehicle. Our professional instructors will take you through the rules of the road, safety, and performance of each car. We will then proceed to get settled in your first vehicle of the day – anticipation and all… We will run some radio checks (we have two-way radios for communication in each vehicle) and proceed for launch. You will drive each vehicle for 15 heart-stopping miles. With the wind in your hair and the glorious sound of the engines in your ears, you will quickly appreciate why these are some of the greatest machines ever built.

After each leg, the group will pull over at a designated checkpoint and you will rotate cars with your fellow drivers. Of course that’s just an excuse to let you catch your breath and squeeze in some photo shots.  Time to switch up and repeat.  You will drive each car in sequence, getting a chance to compare and contrast the performance and handling characteristics.  You will finally be able to honestly answer that ever-elusive question: are you a Ferrari guy, a Lamborghini girl or ?

This is a fantastic outing for corporate team building, bachelor parties, family bonding, and many other scenarios. Whether you are male, female, married, single, or none of the above, The Dream Drive is an experience you will never forget. These Bucket list experiences start at $795 per person.