LAMBORGHINI DIABLO 6.0 – 610 hp – MSRP:$384,000

Half Day

$1,299 / 35 Miles

4 hrs

Full Day

$1,899 / 50 Miles

8 hrs

Weekend (Fri-Sun)

$1,999 p/day / 75 Miles

8 hrs


$12,500 / 400 miles

7 days

After Audi  took over Lamborghini  in 1998, they set out to modernize and refine the Diablo.  Audi tasked itself with designing a more refined, civilized, modern Diablo. The VT 6.0, released for sale for the 2001 USA model year, was the result of that design and featured significant styling changes both inside and out.  Externally, the Diablo VT 6.0 differed from its predecessors with a revised front fascia that featured two large air intakes.  The air dam, nose panel, and fenders were all reworked and smoothed, the indicators were enlarged and shifted in position, and the small air inlets in the tops of the fenders were deleted. The rear of the car remained familiar, but the taillight surrounds were now body-colored (rather than transparent red or black) and the lamps themselves used the configuration seen on the limited Diablo GT. Unlike previous Diablos, which had almost all used 3-piece alloy wheels, the VT 6.0 rested on monobloc cast aluminum 18 inch OZ rims.  On the inside, the interior was changed in typical German fashion; the new-styled dash introduced on the 1999 Diablo range was retained, but a prominent carbon fiber center console was fitted, the air conditioning was improved, and the seat and pedal alignment was revised.

The VT 6.0, as per its name, also featured the new 6.0 L  V12 . The motor had updated ECU software in addition to new intake and exhaust systems and a refined variable valve timing system with slightly less aggressive camshafts than had been used in the earlier versions, and producing over 600 HPS.  Due to the influx of financial resources and engineering expertise from Audi, the Diablo 6.0 VT had superior build quality to the prior model years, making the 6.0 VT the most practical and one of the most collectible of all Diablos.

Engine: V12

Naturally Aspirated

610 bhp / 410 KW @ 7100 rpm

Torque 620 Nm / 457 ft lbs @ 5500 rpm

5 speed Manual

All wheel drive

2 Passengers

330 + km/h (205 + mph)

0-60 mph 3.4 s

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